Budget Statement

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Chart, Figure and Table List (PDF) (Word)
Focus Box List (PDF) (Word)
About this Budget Paper (PDF) (Word)  

1. Budget Overview (PDF) (Word)
2. The Economy (PDF) (Word)
3. Fiscal Strategy and Outlook (PDF) (Word
4. Revenue (PDF) (Word)
5. Expenditure (PDF) (Word)
6. Managing the State’s Assets and Liabilities (PDF) (Word)
7. Commercial Performance in the Broader Public Sector (PDF) (Word)  
8. NSW: Better Lives, Better Futures (PDF) (Word)

Appendices A1. Statement of Finances (PDF) (Word)  
Appendices A2. Statement of Significant Accounting Policies and Forecast Assumptions (PDF) (Word)
Appendices A3. Classification of Agencies (PDF) (Word
Appendices A4. 2018-19 Budget – Outcome and Summary of Variations(PDF) (Word)  
Appendices A5. Tax Expenditure and Concessional Charges Statement (PDF) (Word)  
Appendices B. Fiscal Risks and Budget Sensitivities (PDF) (Word)  
Appendices C. Contingent Assets and Liabilities (PDF) (Word)  
Appendices D. Historical Fiscal Indicators (PDF) (Word)  
Appendices E. Performance and Reporting Under the Fiscal Responsibility Act 2012 (PDF) (Word
Appendices F. Economic Scenario Analysis (PDF) (Word)  
Glossary (PDF) (Word)

Infrastructure Statement

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Chart, Figure and Table List (PDF) (Word)
Focus Box List (PDF) (Word)
About this Budget Paper (PDF) (Word)

1. Overview (PDF) (Word)
2. Delivering Our Record Infrastructure Plan (PDF) (Word)
3. The Restart NSW Fund  (PDF) (Word)
4. Capital Strategies and Policies (PDF)
5. General Government Sector Projects (PDF)
6. Public Non-financial Corporations Projects (PDF)

Apendices A. Restart NSW Reconciliation  (PDF) (Word)
Appendices B. Rebuilding NSW Plan (PDF) (Word)
Glossary (PDF) (Word)

Budget Estimates

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Table of Contents (PDF) (Word)
About this Budget Paper (PDF) (Word)

1. Customer Service (PDF) (Word)
2. Education Cluster (PDF) (Word)
3. Health Cluster (PDF) (Word)
4. Planning, Industry & Environment Cluster (PDF) (Word)
5. Premier and Cabinet Cluster (PDF) (Word)
6. Stronger Communities Cluster (PDF) (Word)
7. Transport Cluster (PDF) (Word)    
8. Treasury Cluster  (PDF) (Word)
9. The Legislature (PDF) (Word)

Glossary  (PDF) (Word)